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anxiety & depression

Image by Fernando @cferdo







"The salient stressors in the lives of most human beings today — at least in the industrialised world — are emotional"


Gabor Maté

Depression, anxiety, anger, grief, panic, overwhelming worries, shame.

If you struggle with inner conflict, you feel any of the above, then we can work together to find the way back to more joy and ease in your life.

"The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"


Yung Pueblo

Modern Ballet


"I worked with Lorraine when I was facing issues with my confidence whilst performing on stage. This confidence problem was serious enough to cause me to take time off from my dancing career. Lorraine provided support that went much further than that provided by most counsellors. She took time to understand the full extent of my issues and helped me to trace them back. Using this knowledge we worked together to find solutions to the issues. Throughout my time with Lorraine she has never rushed the treatment and has let me go at my own pace which has helped me get back on stage and do what I love. I owe her my career."


Sander - The Royal Ballet

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