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Image by Adismara Putri Pradiri


‘When I first started my therapy with Lorraine, I was in crisis and at a crossroad in my life.  Lorraine taught me to listen to what my body was telling me and to trust in myself again.  It has taken some time but with Lorraine’s reassurance, expertise in her field, her patience and kindness, I have learned to connect my thoughts with feelings and my past experiences to the present.  Lorraine’s gentle demeanour reminds me that I am in a safe pair of hands.’ 


"I worked with Lorraine when I was facing issues with my confidence whilst performing on stage. This confidence problem was serious enough to cause me to take time off from my dancing career. Lorraine provided support that went much further than that provided by most counsellors. She took time to understand the full extent of my issues and helped me to trace them back. Using this knowledge we worked together to find solutions to the issues. Throughout my time with Lorraine she has never rushed the treatment and has let me go at my own pace which has helped me get back on stage and do what I love. I owe her my career."


Sander - The Royal Ballet

"As an author I spent many many years facing punishing deadlines and in the process developed a serious and incessant case of insomnia. For anyone who has experienced insomnia for any length of time you’ll know just how miserable and ineffectual it can make you feel. However, after one session with Lorraine I was able to break the debilitating cycle of sleeplessness and rediscover the benefits of a good night’s rest. And how was this achieved – with hypnotherapy and simple take-away techniques. And of Lorraine herself. Well, you could assign a plethora of positive adjectives to describe her, but for the sake of brevity let’s just say, her skills are extensive, her caring is obviously genuine and her belief that you can ultimately help yourself is indeed infectious."

Gillie Cunningham

"Having had Confident Childbirth sessions with Lorraine during my pregnancy , I went into my first labour feeling confident and well prepared. I had a completely natural birth, and our baby is unbelievably content, for which I can only thank Lorraine! I used all the breathing techniques Lorraine taught me, visualisations (my safe place), and lots of positive thoughts, mantras and suggestions. I can't recommend this ideal birth training enough.... I still use the methods now, and find breast feeding and late nights much easier to cope with in these early weeks of being a new Mummy!"

Suzie C

"I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough. She is a naturally warm supportive and caring person who is able to put people at ease within themselves, and in her company. Coming from a therapeutic practice myself, I recently referred two teenagers onto Lorraine in the full knowledge that they would relax in her company and feel comfortable relating their concerns and fears to her. Within only a couple of sessions, the boys were already feeling the benefits re their confidence and how they were managing the more challenging aspects of their lives. As they expressed - they found the sessions very encouraging and supportive and that Lorraine was able to offer simple but effective methods that they could use whenever needed. What they appreciated was the fact that these practical methods were unobtrusive and subtle; no one would realise they were doing anything differently which is important for a teenager. They felt very reassured in Lorraine's company and trusted her discretion implicitly. Since then I have referred many clients of all ages onto Lorraine. For me, what makes Lorraine special is that she is not only highly respected in this field of therapy but she is a people's person - a very caring and loving individual that inspires trust and a belief that someone is holding your very best interests at heart. That is a rarity and is why I will have no hesitation referring friends, family and clients onto Lorraine."

A. E.

"I'm 31 years of age and my work as a professional opera singer comes with huge amounts of stress and pressure. Auditions were an awful experience for me, crippled with nerves and dread during the day of the audition, as well as the days leading up to. It also didn't help that I had suffered with panic attacks and anxiety since the age of 16, and there came a point where I thought enough is enough. It was also having huge effects on my relationships and personal life. A life of constant worrying and irrational thinking was not fun.


Lorraine not only made me feel at ease, but it was also like being with a caring friend. She showed a genuine interest in me as a person, as well as concerns for my issues. We focused predominantly on Havening, something I new nothing about until now, and the results were profound. Within the first few sessions I was beginning to feel calmer, more confident and happier. My irrational thoughts were also happening far less and I found myself enjoying relaxation time for the first time in my life. The other huge difference was that auditions began to feel like a far more enjoyable experience. I no longer woke up feeling anxious, but instead positive and calm. Lorraine has also given me the tools and techniques to use havening on myself during those anxious and stressful times.


By the end of my time with Lorraine, and a few months on, I feel like a different person. It's not something that has happened over night for me, but each week that goes by, I notice that even the small everyday things that in the past have put me out of sync, or set off a panic attack, this is now happening less and less.


I can't stress enough how wonderful and supportive Lorraine is. I feel that everyone would benefit from seeing Lorraine, whether it be for a long term problem, or dealing with the stresses and strains of every day life."

Louise - Professional Opera Singer

"I went to see Lorraine as the tinnitus with which I had lived with for over 30 years had suddenly become very intrusive. I had low expectations as it isn’t completely curable but I was so encouraged after my first consultation with Lorraine. She didn’t promise a magic cure but I left my first session with the tools to manage it. She equipped me with the power to quieten the incessant noise and gave me the confidence to take control. I hadn’t heard of Havening but found the contact therapy very calming. I was holding down a very stressful job at the time and didn’t quite realise that my sleep pattern had been so affected. The hypnotherapy tape really helped with this and I carried on using the techniques Lorraine taught me. She is also very adept at digging out the root cause of anxiety which in my case wasn’t that obvious. I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough, she has a professional and appropriate manner but shows such empathy and care. She is calm and gentle - she is quite rare."

Mary Flaherty

“Having reached a crisis point with work pressures, a relationship breakdown and life in general becoming overwhelming, a friend recommended Lorraine to me. Lorraine’s interactive approach meant that the sessions very much felt like a two-sided process working towards progression and I felt I gained so much from this. 
Working with Lorraine is also unique in that the sessions end naturally rather than being on an hourly basis, you never feel like you are being cut off due to time constraints which helps to quickly build up a supportive and comfortable rapport. It very much feels as if you are talking with a close friend. I was never pressured or tied in to booking more sessions and Lorraine was very receptive to my personal needs rather than having a general approach to all her clients.
Lorraine has helped me through the lowest of times and I couldn’t be more thankful. I often joke that my new mantra is WWLD - What would Lorraine do?!” 


Whilst I felt physically very knowledgeable and prepared for the birth of my baby I felt anxious about how I would mentally cope especially if things weren’t as expected or went ‘off plan’.
Lorraine allowed me to feel relaxed and even excited about the whole process and gave me techniques to cope with the unpredictability of birth.
Her approach equipped me to enjoy the final weeks of my pregnancy, take the unplanned induction and eventual c section in my stride and be in a calm and very positive place when I (finally) met my little girl.
Thank you for allowing this incredible process to be extremely special and enabling me to access my inner strength to manage my mind throughout.


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